The child care center is licensed to provide care for 65 children between the age of birth and 12 years.  We have three nursery rooms that are licensed for up to 8 children in each room under the age of 24 months.  This allows us to provide a much needed service to the community of Lebanon in infant care.  Due to the available space for infants we are able to provide part time infant care as well as full time. 

Our center is the only center in Lebanon that is licensed for more than 8 infants and that will offer part time care.  I believe that if you trust us with your infant you will be more than satisfied with our services and your child will have a child care center that can care for them until they begin public school. 

Our center also has a room just for our two year olds.  This allows us to focus on their developmental needs.  Two year olds have so much to learn and will mature in their own classroom to be prepared for the “Big Room” as well call it. 
Our Preschool kiddos, ages 3 to 5, are better known as the “Big Kids” in the “Big Room”. 

We focus on learning appropriate social skills, personal hygiene, manners, and getting ready for School. 
We also provide before and after school care for children ages 5 to 12.  The afterschool kids have the opportunity to receive help with their school work by our staff team and high school students who volunteer.
Our centers food program follows the Missouri Eat Smart Guidelines. 

We serve breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack at designated times each day.   Some of the characteristic s of meeting the Missouri Eat Smart guidelines are serving whole grains daily, cereals with less than 9 grams of sugar, fruit and veggies at each meal, only using processed food one time or less per week, using whole milk for children ages 1 to 2, and 1 % milk for children ages 2 and over.  Our menus are available for parents to view at any time.